by Yoshi at 2:37 PM
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Hello everyone, as you may or even may not know, Gizmo has their own teamspeak ( that is rarely used but we feel as if that would make communication between the Staff and regular users more clear and would get problems dealt with much faster. Direct contact with the owners and all staff members should help the community and Staff - Player communication. That's why we have decided, Being active on TS3 will be a Requirement to obtain staff ranks, and keep staff ranks after the prison reset is completed. This counts for all servers.
Also no, you don't REQUIRE a mic, there is a chat for a reason.

No- we can't track how much you played on TS3 and you don't need specific hours on ts3 as you do the servers. We want TS3 to be fun and a safe way for others to communicate with eachother. Permissions are setup so you can even create your own personal private channel (Temporary Channel) that will only be deleted if you are...
by Mario at 8:49 PM
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Please stop tagging me in threads. Use the report functionality rather than spamming the forums with @Mario when it is completely unnecessary.

If you haven't noticed i've been ignoring it for a while now. I will
Begin to ban / warn people on the forums if they continue to do thos rather than using the report function on the forums
by Signatured at 12:56 AM
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As many of you may already know, many GizmoServer Admins have been making up their own rules for certain AntiCurse protected words, rules that are already stated in the Gizmo Rules section. When words like "nigger" are said, you already have respected rules to be followed. Yes, the word may be found offensive to certain parties, but being muted for a whole week is simply preposterous. You have certain rules to be followed, and we expect you to follow them. Just because you find the word especially offending doesn't mean you get to make your own rules separate from Gizmo's. Treat it as any other AntiCurse word, and give them a mute warn.

Recently, I have also seen many staff members giving mute warnings for "disrespect" by calling them a noob. If you feel that noob is offensive to the point of a mute warning, then you are not ready for the internet. Disrespect qualifies as cussing out a staff member, calling them bad at their job, or other related topics. Being called a noob, bad at...